With so many contemporary evangelical voices calling for redefining, rethinking, remaking, and repackaging Christian worship, now comes a new voice for reclaiming its sacred and traditional precepts for worshipping God through sung prayer. Praised by some of the world's leading church music authorities, It's All About HYMN: Essays on Reclaiming Sacred and Traditional Music for Worship opens up new doors to dialogue, sheds light on factors that influence the Western Christian worship model, and challenges all Christians in a non-confrontational manner to reassess how they approach the act of worship.

It's All About HYMN combines counsel from Scripture; the wisdom in the voices of contemporary authorities and those from ages past; the power of logic and reason to repel fallacy, groupthink, and false justifications for worship music choices; how art and architecture work in tandem to create the spaces that determine our worship model; and a scriptural prescription for selecting music for worship. But the book is more than a treatise on worship music; it raises the consciousness of the reader to the importance of the architecture and art in the worship space. The medium may not be the complete message but it affects our perceptions of the faith that is being expressed in the sanctuary (or worship space) in ways of which we are often unaware.

It's All About HYMN is not just a book about music, this book's also about faith, logic, art, culture, style, history, and even architecture! As a Christian book, It's All About HYMN stands with Sally Morgenthaler's Worship Evangelism, published fifteen years ago, in reminding us that music is a) important in worship, and b) not the point of worship. Both books emphasize God, His presence in worship, and His action in calling us (and our neighbors) to worship. Highly recommended."
Sheila Deeth
Author, blogger, and 2011 Global eBook Awards Judge

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What Others Are Saying about It's All About HYMN:

"All who are serious about corporate worship will greatly benefit from a careful study of this thought-provoking book."
Dr. Gary Gilley, Pastor, Southern View Chapel

"This book should be read by all leaders of Christian worship-and by members of their congregations as well."
Dr. David W. Music, Professor of Church Music,
Baylor Universit

"...Church music is worthy of serious conversation from various perspectives like this one, and not a trivial marketing device or personal preference."
Dr. Paul Westermeyer, Director, Master of Sacred Music, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN; Organist and Cantor,
St. Olaf's College, Northfield, MN

"Donn LeVie Jr. offers articulate, insightful and diverse essays framed from his varied experience as a church musician of many years. It provokes concerns that all leaders in the contemporary Christian church share."
Dr. John Marsh, Vice-Chair, National Leadership Program for Musicians (LPM) Board; Dir. of Music Ministries, Christ the King Lutheran Church Norcross, GA
It's All About HYMN
Essays on Reclaiming Sacred and Traditional Music for Worship
Winner of the 2011 Global eBook Award: Christian Non-Fiction
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